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Industry Overview

A Bright Future for Our Education Franchise

Get ready to ride the wave of excitement because we’re about to unveil an opportunity that’s too good to miss! After-school programs have never been more crucial, yet countless kids have been missing out for far too long. But guess what? Snapology is here to change the game!

MarketResearch.com reveals the skyrocketing trend of students diving into after-school activities, but the providers of STEAM and other mind-blowing programs have been playing catch-up. That’s where we come in, seizing the chance to fill this gap with our extraordinary offerings. Hold onto your hats because the after-school program industry is a booming behemoth, projected to be worth over a jaw-dropping $23 billion in 2022 (courtesy of IBISWorld). And guess what? As we kiss COVID-19 goodbye and folks return to their pre-pandemic routines, the demand for after-school awesomeness is only going to shoot through the roof!

Let’s talk benefits – these after-school gems are pure gold! STEAM programs and other mind-expanding activities are vital for our kids’ overall development. Don’t take our word for it; Youth.gov confirms that over 10 million children and youth are clamoring for these programs year after year. Can you feel the energy? It’s like a supernova of opportunity waiting to explode!

So, what are you waiting for? This is the moment to jump on board our STEAM franchise and bring these exhilarating programs to your community. Embrace the excitement, make a difference, and join the Snapology movement today!

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Discovery Centre

Opening your own brick and mortar Discovery Centre will open new profit centers and solidify your place in the community.

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