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Boom! Brace yourself for an epic revelation – our STEAM franchise is the talk of the town, and we’re not holding back when it comes to delivering the ultimate experience! When we say we stand head and shoulders above the rest, we mean it, and our dazzling array of programs is the crown jewel of our distinction. From core STEAM marvels to themed extravaganzas and mind-boggling robotics classes – we’ve got it all!

Picture this: a kaleidoscope of learning adventures, each one crafted to unleash a torrent of benefits! We’re talking about sparking creativity, igniting curiosity, and turbocharging critical thinking. Our programs are like fireworks of knowledge, dazzling kids from all walks of life. Gifted students? Bring it on! Kids with special needs? Absolutely! We’re breaking down barriers and bringing the magic of learning to every child.

As an education franchise owner, get ready to ignite the hearts of parents everywhere. Our powerhouse of programs is a parent’s dream come true. You’ll be their go-to destination, the place to supplement their children’s schooling like never before. So, buckle up and get ready to shine bright with Snapology – where endless possibilities and boundless energy are just the beginning!

Our programs include the following:

Core STEAM Programs

Our STEAM enrichment programs teach children about science, technology, engineering, art, and math, and are aligned to ACARA digital technology and state specific curriculums. We engage kids in learning through playful games and interactive toys like LEGO® and DUPLO® blocks, as well as K’Nex® models. These fun-filled experiences are like a rocket ride to problem-solving prowess, equipping young minds with skills that’ll have them soaring to new heights.


Designed for kids between the ages of 3 and 14, our robotics and coding classes give kids a chance to learn coding, robotics, and engineering principles. These programs use everything from animals to space to battle machines to engage students and increase their curiosity.

Themed Programs

Our instructors use popular games and topics like Star Wars, Minecraft, and kids’ favorite superheroes to engage them and teach them math and engineering principles. We also use LEGO® bricks and other toys to spark their creativity and challenge their minds.


This program is designed for our littlest students, ages 2 – 6, and is meant to enhance fine motor skills and spur creativity. Some lessons include phonics, letter recognition, storytelling, writing, basic engineering, and robotics.

Video Game Design

Children will explore technology and be exposed to high-tech learning, including stop motion animation, in a fun and interactive environment. They’ll be introduced to core principles and will learn and grow at their own pace.


These hands-on programs are aimed at building an interest in science and engineering. They use children’s natural curiosity to direct them toward uncovering problems and improving the world around them. Featuring real-world challenges, students work in teams to build ideas and concepts.


These LEGO® themed parties are both fun and educational. We offer several birthday party packages, and Snapology party facilitators handle all the details.


We offer Scouts-focused activities and events. These programs feature technology and popular toys, and students work in pairs to learn about team building.

Special Needs

Snapology is inclusive and offers programs and events for children with special needs. Our teachers have the necessary training to create a supportive environment for children with various disabilities.


Using celebrity videos and hands-on activities, we engage children and help them better understand how to handle various bullying situations. We also help them understand bullying at a deeper level.

Team Building

Snapology is for adults as well! Our team-building programs are great for companies looking to increase productivity and inspire new ideas among employees. Participants will partake in fun games and exercises that will help them learn how to better work together.


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